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Noddy & Big Ears Clock
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Wake up to a classic

Feel young again, by having a real ticking clock.
Watch Noddys sleeping head wobbling back and forth and drift off to sleep.
As some of you didn't get there in time...

I've relisted for you!


I've dropped the price too like you asked!

Ain't I nice!
Now come on and come to my party! I know you want it!
This is an old Noddy & Big Ears clock, it was made in Great Britain in about the 1960's.
It is 12cm in diameter, 12cm in height and about 5cm deep.
It works fine and has an alarm that also works.  Noddy's head wobbles back and forth as the seconds tick off.
It's in not bad condition, but there are a few scratches on the clear face, but nothing too unsightly.
There's also few chips in the paint and on the edges of the base it's showning some wear.

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