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Roland SoundBrush SB55 Midi file Player
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This is in excellant condition, with the box, manual, demo disk and remote control.
I don't think this device was ever used except for a couple of tests when it was bought. I can't remember.
It plays midi files from floppy disks.
It sends out the midi data via the 5 pin midi socket on the back.
It has a resolution of 96 ticks to the beat.

This device is used for synthesizers and other midi equipped devices.
It will play a midi file to the midi device that makes the sound.
Note: The unit itself does not make any sound.
It allows fast changing between songs. Tempo change, Pause, Stop, Play and Record.
You can set up programs to play, make it pick random songs, repeat, shuffle forwards and backwards.
Can be controlled by a midi keyboard or device too.
Very handy for the one person band.
A real bargin at $49 if you get in quick!
Go to See it on eBay to buy it


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