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D-Link DI-524 Wireless G Broadband Router
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Starting price: $59.00
Serial No:DY0D374003439
This is basically brand new and still has 9 months warranty on it.
A customer wanted it, I bought it, they then didn't want it and it's been sitting on my desk waiting for me to do something with it.
It still has that new product smell!
It has just been tested and all works OK

The starting price is actually below my cost price.
These usually sell for about AU$99

WHAT THIS UNIT DOES (Taken from off the back of the box)
The DI-524 Wireless G Broadband Router connects to an ADSL or Cable modem with an Ethernet connection, providing the ability to share a broadband internet connect wirelessly.

D-Link DI-524 Wireless G Broadband Router
The DI-524 supports the 802.11g standard meaning that all Intel Centrino# notebooks, or PCs with Wireless G Adapters, can communicate at speeds of upto 54Mbps*.

With the built-in 4 port Switch, upto 4 computers can be hard wired into the back of the router to provide a combination of wired and wireless users on your network.
The DI-524 also boasts the latest Wireless and Internet security features, and D-Link's simple wizard setup for easy installation in minutes.

# Centrino is a trademark of Intel Corporation
* Maximum wireless signal rate based on IEEE Standard 802.11g specification. Actual data throughput will vary.
^ Cost price plus the 5.25% ebay takes.

Basic Warranty Details

This product has a warranty (as mentioned in the description), you can obtain warranty by sending a request to me, stating exactly what the problem is. I may be able to help you set it up if it's not working correctly. If not, instructions will be given on how and where to return it.
A return will only be accepted if it has ALL the original parts and packaging.
The product must be in it's original packaging, and that packaging must be in good working order. Not ripped, torn, cut, squashed, mangled, etc.
The product must have an actual problem for it to be returned.
You can not return it because you don't like it or it's the wrong colour.
Your money will not be refunded if the device works when it is returned, you (the buyer) will have to pay any postage and may have to pay any labour costs (involved in checking the unit for the stated problem(s)) before the product will be returned to you.

If the product does have a genuine problem you will have a choice of
1) Your money back (excluding postage)
2) The same type of product (I'll pay the postage on the new unit)
3) A credit to use later on something else.
4) You may suggest something else, but I'll decide if it is OK. "

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