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Sound Proof booth
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Come on, I just want to get rid of them. They have been taking up room in my garage for over 5 months.
A friend wanted them after I disassembled it, but now he has changed his mind and doesn't want them.(Thanks Geoff!)
I just want them out! They are now only $50 each! I got heaps (perhaps about 300) egg cartons that I lined the inside with. You can have them too!

Recording studio/Practise room walls

(Actually thick fire proof doors!)

These are 7 sound insulating walls/doors which when assembled together make a really good sound proofing booth, which reduces sound transmission in and out. You won't get one of these commercially for under $10,000, so take advantage of this hard to come by, incredibly useful product at a fraction of the cost!

I've used the booth for many things including practicing my music so I didn't annoy the neighbors. E.g. drums, guitar, singing or other noisy activities. Recording voice overs, and separate tracks for a final mix.

Also ideal for a home or semi-professional recording studio to isolate a vocalist or guitar amp. It would virtually eliminate the problem of background noise in recording and also provide a good acoustic space.

Has a plug board for 4 lines out of the booth and 2 headphone lines in.

The walls are constructed of thick plywood with a fire proofing glass wool insulation in between.
Each wall is 2044mm or 8' high.
The width of each wall varies, but most are 1080mm or 5'4" wide.
The thickness about 100mm

One wall has a double glazed window that is about 900mm or 3' by 1070mm or 3'6" in size.

One of the ceiling pieces has a cut-out and baffle ready for an exhast fan that is acoustically designed to allow airflow but trap sound. (I've used the fan for something else, sorry)
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